Metal Bread

By Chingiz Narynov
Documentary / 2014 / 45 minutes
In coproduction with : Rhizome, Lyon Capitale TV, Citylab (KIR)

We’re up in the mountains in an almost abandoned town. Mailuu-Suu was built in 1945 in the south of the Soviet Republic of Kyrgyzstan to accommodate a processing plant for uranium mines in the area. Years later, when the mines were closed, the plant was replaced by a light bulb factory.

Today, nothing runs anymore in Mailuu-Suu, a ghostlike village. No matter what, Tanya has decided to stay and day after day, she struggles to survive. In the hills of broken glass, she looks carfully for her daily metal bread

Director : Chingiz Narynov
Image : Chingiz Narynov, Pavel Solomko
Sound : Natalya Polyakova
Editing : François Scullier
Music : Viktoria Yurtaeva
Sound editing, mix : Bertrand Neyret
Color correction : Olivier Esmein

With the help of : CNC, Procirep, Angoa
With the participation of Ecran Libre

World premiere : IDFA 2014