Albert Hofmann – Perceptions

By Sabine Bally
Documentary / 2010 / 52 minutes

Albert Hofmann – Perceptions is a documentary whose trajectory is based on the life of the late Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, otherwise known as the father of LSD.

The story of the man behind the monster is less known, but equally as far reaching.

The film picks up on traces left from his life to better understand his visions and intentions, and in doing so, clarify the underside of a historic discovery.

Written and directed by : Sabine Bally
Images : Sanford McCoy
Editing : Flore Guillet
Sound editing : Thomas Prulière
Sound mix : Maxime Champesme
Color correction : Jean-Noël Henrioux

Festivals : Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival, RISC rencontres internationales sciences & cinéma, A nous de voir

Broadcast : RTS – Radio Télévision Suisse