Agota Kristof – Nonetheless

By Sabine Bally
Documentary / 2011 / 26 minutes

From Switzerland to Hungary, from today to yesterday : Nonetheless is a visual essay on the Hungarian writer Agota Kristof, who has been living in exile in Switzerland since 1956.

The film begins in the present with the details and rhythm of her creative process and then slowly penetrates towards her past, her childhood, the landscapes, sounds and memories that are recurrent in her oeuvre.

As with the words of Agota Kristof, simple yet percussive, the film echoes this balance in its visual and rhythmic language.

Written and directed by : Sabine Bally
Images : Sanford McCoy
Editing : Flore Guillet
Sound editing : Agnès Szabó
Music : Mivsam Noiman
Sound mix : Maxime Champesme
Color correction : Guillaume Faure

With the support of : Ville de Genève, Canton de Neuchâtel, Fonds REGIO Films, Familien-Vontobel-Stiftung

Festival : Solothurner Filmtage