Exile in Heritage

By Sabine Bally
Documentary / 2009 / 52 minutes

Having crossed the European borders by foot at 18 as a refugee, Timour understands that his story is atypical compared to his classmates at the University of Montpellier, France.

Exile in Heritage is Timour’s story.

In retracing his journey to exile, we are slowly allowed to penetrate an interior landscape through a video correspondence Timour has with his family back home.
Echoing Timour’s story are those of others, both strangers and family, on the subject of how identity is defined through the experience of living abroad.

Written and directed by : Sabine Bally
Images : Sanford McCoy
Sound : Cyril Bourseaux
Editing : Holly Fisher

With the support of : République et Canton de Genève, Fonds REGIO Films

The film is currently out of distribution for security reasons.