By Sabine Bally
Documentary / LM / in development

AU-DEDANS (Within) tells of that primordial place, the centre of all centres: the home. Home is that space in life which we all know, no matter how small it is. A space we might not be aware of, but which is there, buried somewhere; a place of refuge, a place of comfort. A space which, before taking on the form of a place, is – and remains – a mental space.

AU-DEDANS unfolds in Geneva, in the district around the Vernets barracks. It delves into the spaces of life and the encounters with its inhabitants. These domestic chronicles evolve between the military barracks at the edge of the blocks of flats and the insane asylum which had occupied the space in the past; through these chronicles and the history of the place, the question arises for each spectator: what, then, is my own space?

En développement – avec le soutien de Mentoring for Docs